I am a Human Pinterest: Postcard Edition

I’m considering offering a new service: if you book a session with me, you can get your prints turned into postcards!

This came to fruition recently when I was recruited by a curator for the RAW Denver artist showcase as a chance to point and nod at my photography and sell my prints. Looking for a way to make the smaller prints stand out, I began working on these postcards and am liking the way they’ve turned out!

Here are a few drafts of images done non-commercially. I’d like to see what corner of the internet is interested in selling these.

What do you think, would you impulse buy one of these if it were next to the register at your local boutique?

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.03.11 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.34.53 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.36.23 PM

2 thoughts on “I am a Human Pinterest: Postcard Edition

  1. Dear Piper, I saw this post and I would absolutely impulse buy the last photo as a post card, the one with the Kerouac quote and the iceberg. My roommate and I bonded over Kerouac quotes when we met, and I love everything that’s made of ice, so I really think it would be an ideal decoration in our apartment (we even have a postcard theme going). I get that it’s not what this post is about, but would it be possible to have it in a postcard form? I don’t feel OK with just taking it and printing it. Could you send one for me if I payed for shipping and whatever the art of it costs?


    1. Sure Lucy! Thanks for contacting me! Use my contact form and it’ll send an email directly to my inbox (so I don’t have to ask for your personal information here) and then we’ll work something out!


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