Content Creator Services

I’ll build your website!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve begun building, creating, updating and maintaining websites for an extremely reasonable fee. 100% satisfaction guaranteed in a quarter of the time for half the price of leading website-building competitors.

I have experience in both laid-back/fun/personality-driven websites, and professional/corporate website building.

Contact Me for a portfolio of websites I’ve built, and for a quote on your project today!

I’ll write for your thing!

Whether you’re looking for a copy-writer to freshen up your website, a corporate writer to update policy language, a comedy writer to discuss hockey, pop culture, video games and beyond, or an academic researcher, I’m your gal.

Contact Me to discuss your genre, for a portfolio of relevant writing materials, and for a quote on your project today!

I’ll guest-host your podcast!

Whether you need someone to fill in while you’re gone, or would like a fresh guest on your show, I’m happy to play substitute and comrade. Through Shut Yer Five Hole, Snap Show, and Endangered Table, I’ve developed competently in both comedic and docu-series tones, as an asset to any show!

I’ll edit your audio/video!

Following a degree in Broadcast Communications, years of working at TV-news station, in addition to extensive podcasts and youtube projects, audio/video editing has become a labor of love. If you love to create content but editing isn’t your thing, Contact Me to take away the grunt work and allow you to focus on the aspects of your project that you love!


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