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Let’s step out of the family photography box and capture personalities the way they were meant to be displayed! Sometimes your children will sit still and pose like angels, and other times we get to capture the authenticity of family life, wriggle worms, tantrums, silly faces and tears! I’m so excited to get to meet you, or your children, or your parents and grandparents, or whoever it is that makes up your unique and beautiful family, and do you and your loved ones the justice of making it an fun, special experience with one-of-a-kind family photos to treasure forever!





Standard Pricing

Basic Family Session…………………   4 mil VND

Family with an outfit change………. 4.5 mil VND

Family with two outfit changes….. 5.1 mil VND

Additional time required and 400k VND fee for oversized groups (5 or more).

*Check back regularly for promotional deals!



24 hour Rush Delivery Option………………. 1.1 mil VND

Phone/Skype Consultation Option*…… 300k VND

*Handling consultation over email and text message are free.

Travel Expenses*……………… transportation fare (est. 100k VND)

*travel expenses in Vietnam include Grab Car in Ho Chi Minh City, or flight fees elsewhere in Vietnam and surrounding countries
*travel expenses only apply if the shoot takes place more than 15 miles from “home base” (Denver, CO, Sawyer, ND, Charlotte, NC,  Fort Myers, FL, and future destinations!). You will be informed well in advance before any travel charges apply, and we can certainly always do shoots within “home-base” to avoid those altogether!

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What will you get with a Basic Family Session?

Want to take pictures with your kiddos, your doggos, your parents and more? Maybe your work family, friendship family or school family? The basic session is the standard one outfit, but I’ll make you all look your best! This includes posing, various locations within the same general area, full groups, sub groups, and individual images!

Family clients get an average of 75 full-color edited images and 35 edited black and white images! This average varies based on how much fun you have with the shoot! If everyone is having a good time, smiling, and ready for a fun photo session, we often get more images! If photography isn’t your thing, the full color number may be closer to 50. These are delivered digitally to you for unlimited non-transferrable personal use (meaning I’ll email them to you, and then you can print them off and upload them to social media as much as you like! You just can’t sell them, advertise with them,  or use them for miscellaneous corporate endeavors unless you buy the copyright, which is available for a separate fee).

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An update to the payment policy has been made to all shoots booked after August 19th, 2017. A non-refundable deposit, totaling 50% of the anticipated fee, is due at the time of booking, made payable by cash, check or PayPal. This fee will be applied to the total cost of your overall shoot. The remaining 50% of anticipated fee will be paid at the time of the photoshoot. The deposit method is applicable and mandatory for all family, couples, children, portrait, senior, boudoir, fun, cosplay, and miscellaneous shoots.

This policy deposit is in lieu of the prior 50% cancellation fee, no longer in effect as of August 18th, 2017.

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