The Problem with “Putting Yourself Out There”

“Putting myself out there” has never been the issue. I’ve had more blogs and taken more stabs at an online presence than a human child has any right to. The data’s┬ásomething like 6 Word Press accounts, 4 tumblrs (2 blog, 2 aesthetic), 3 twitters (tweet, delete, repeat), 2 youtube accounts, and, oh yeah, I was […]

How’d You Get Over Here? You Must Be Lost

Unless you’re interested in lady-created media, nerd culture, and thoroughly enjoy a good RPG. Then welcome home, fellow geek. I’m Piper C.J., gamer, folklorist, contract consultant, digital archivist, freelance writer, crime-fighter, hiker, dog mom, gourmet chef, and probably some other things that may or may not be true. Stay as long as you want and […]