Piper Paints Stuff

In the fall of 2015 I waked into a Pier 1, saw a print of a lovely oversized multicolored bird, began envisioning how bright and happy my living room would look with it, and promptly shriveled up and perished when looking at the price tag. Defiant, I marched over half a block to the Michael’s […]

Museum of Bird Sounds

  Tweets. They’re called tweets. This is it. These are my major contribution to the world. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED.

The Problem with “Putting Yourself Out There”

“Putting myself out there” has never been the issue. I’ve had more blogs and taken more stabs at an online presence than a human child has any right to. The data’s┬ásomething like 6 Word Press accounts, 4 tumblrs (2 blog, 2 aesthetic), 3 twitters (tweet, delete, repeat), 2 youtube accounts, and, oh yeah, I was […]

How’d You Get Over Here? You Must Be Lost

Unless you’re interested in lady-created media, nerd culture, and thoroughly enjoy a good RPG. Then welcome home, fellow geek. I’m Piper C.J., gamer, folklorist, contract consultant, digital archivist, freelance writer, crime-fighter, hiker, dog mom, gourmet chef, and probably some other things that may or may not be true. Stay as long as you want and […]