hi folk & fae!

The first edition of The Night & Its Moon (the one I independently published) is no longer available! If you're a scavenger hunter, you might still find a few remaining stragglers in the wild as the last of the physical stock is sold off the shelves of B&N, but no more first editions will be printed. Which brings us to the revised edition!

pre-orders are vital

The little pre-order number is a measuring system for how much you all *believe* in me!

It tells the publisher, the bookstores, and the industry, whether or not I'm an author worth investing in!

I know it isn't quite the preferable instant gratification, but it is the difference between a career as an author and going back to the proverbial drawing board for me. It would mean the world if you hit that pre-order button!

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barnes & Noble

available now!

the revised b&n exclusive of tnaim includes odrin's novella, a gold foil moon, and beautiful stained edges!

in addition to professional editing, new chapters & beautiful character development in the revised edition help tnaim truly sparkle

If you live in the US or have access to b&n, this is the option that supports me most as an author!



available now!

the revised edition of TNAIM is now internationally available!

This revised edition is made available in more stores, countries, languages, and locations than her indie predecessor!


Barnes & Noble

available february

pre-order "the sun and its shade", book #2 in the night and its moon series



available february

pre-order "the sun and its shade", book #2 in the night and its moon series

all four novels (and accompanying novellas) are complete and scheduled for rapid release!

the "countdown clock" will start with the re-release of The Night & Its Moon this fall, followed by only six months between each of the installments for professional editing and the time it takes to send Nox & Amaris to print! With lightning-fast release, you won't be sitting around for years to find resolution as we follow our beloved characters through Gyrradin.