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Hey sports fans!

I’m ramping up to release a docu-series in conjunction with All Habs and Rocket Sports Media, and that includes releasing promotional stories of women as their interviews occur. Check the wonderful, sometimes troubling, occasionally bizarre, always worthwhile stories of women in the world of men’s professional hockey.

James ‘Hockey’ Bond

Jack of All Trades

I also cover the Wild and write comedy hockey if you think that might be your thing. Give ’em a look over at The Hockey Guys.

Both well-researched passion projects:

The Hockey Apocalypse 

Silver Spoon Myths and the Journey to the NHL

5 Things Female Hockey Fans Want You to Know

…and beat reporting/mocking/following the Minnesota Wild:

The Wild Lose at Home and it’s Your Fault (Probably)

Sorting Out Road Trips with the Wild

The Wild Ask: Can Boudreau be King in the North?