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Origin Story? I guess?

I was shivering in the stands at the Mile One Center, anxiously waiting for the Montreal Canadiens AHL team to skate onto the ice. Impatient for puck drop, I was half-scanning the packed crowed and half scrolling idly on my smartphone through the insanity of my Twitter, wasting the time. As fate would have it, a series of hockey-obsessed tweets from a fellow fangirl cluttered my timeline, exalting the magnificent LA Kings and bemoaning the lack of anything targeted at female ice hockey fans. A handful of retweets and solidarity-specific emojis trickled in, but I slid into her DMs and we forged a friendship of ice and blade-sharpened steel and some other dramatic hockey-pun visual imagery. (I’ll stop. Seriously, I’m sorry about all of those. It won’t happen again… probably.)

On September 29th, 2016, Meg Smitherman of The Roundup Podcast and I, Piper CJ, launched a bi-monthly podcast on the fantastic world of ice hockey. Our pilot hit the airwaves to resounding enthusiasm from fellow fans who were sick of the monotonous drone of mediocre white men blabbering over stats and futures.

I’d like to tell you that we take it very seriously as the intelligent, budding analysts we are, but don’t get your hopes up.

Shut Yer Five Hole is just as irreverent and parent-disappointing as every other decision we’ve made with our lives (maybe I should speak for myself). Lace up your skates (okay, I’ll stop) for a hockey podcast that the world sure doesn’t need but that fellow fangirls are going to love.

See you soon, internet. You’ll hear updates here first.

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Our EP was met with a warm reception, here’s a taste of the positive feedback and reviews!