Meet Piper

How’d you get over here? You must be lost. Unless you’re interested in content creation, looking for a photographer, lady-made media, a local artist/hobby painter, seeking someone to guest-host or guest-edit your podcast, nerd culture, hockey blabbing, someone to write for you, tweets about my dog and thoroughly enjoy a good RPG. If so, this may not be the worst site you visit today.
I’m Piper C.J., a self-proclaimed “creative” in the short, and a gamer, folklorist, hockey anthropologist, podcaster, photographer, contract consultant, digital archivist, painter, voice actress, freelance writer, crime-fighter, hiker, dog mom, explorer, hockey fan, globe trotter, run-on sentence enthusiast, gourmet chef, frequent hair dyer and probably some other things that may or may not be true in the long. When you work freelance, it’s common to have a lot of irons in the fire! That, and, I don’t like to be bored.
I host Shut Yer Five Hole and Empty Netter with my best friend Meg, take my husky/beagle mutt Arrow everywhere I go, & traipse around this world cheering myself hoarse for my partner Josiah, whom I affectionately refer to as JoHockey.
Stay as long as you want and come back whenever you’d like. Let’s make the interwebs a weirder place together.