This is where I’m sticking all of my pop culture, academic, and miscellaneous contributions to the world of writing. I got my online start as a game writer (which you’ll see here) and still hear the siren’s song of the console on a daily basis.

Do you like Online Magazines and third person articles?

Then check out some of my contributions over at The Artiface:

Graphics, Pixels, and the Art of Video Games

“Bro Games” and the Gamer Divide

Emotionally Investing in Games and Their Characters

Maybe first person blogs are more your speed?

Then hop over to FemHype for my published pieces:

Graphics, Pixels, and the Fine Art of Video Games

My Best Buds are Space Aliens: On The Emotional Investment in Games and Their Characters


If scholarly contributions are up your alley, here are a few academic submissions:

Unwed and Beheaded

“You Kids and Your Food Allergies”: A Look at How the Socially Gluten Free Create a Hostile & Dangerous Environment for the Biologically Gluten Free


Finally, I’m also pretty great at corporate writing after working as a consultant –behemoth reports for companies aren’t as fun, but demonstrate my ability to slog through executive writing, make informed recommendations, meet deadlines, and lay out a well-organized, researched paper for your company’s needs. Contact me if you’d like a sample of the corporate report on digital archives for Rocky Mountain PBS, Collections’ Management Policies, reviews and recommendations for best practices for your own consultation/report endeavors!


aaaaaaaand stay tuned for the exciting debut of Piper’s hand at the world of fiction.You’ll hear about it here first!