Photography has the potential to be the most authentic form of art: capturing a lived moment, a smile, a personality or an emotion and eternalizing that memory. My love for creativity has taken a stroll down bringing that artistic medium into people’s lives, their faces, and immortalizing their experience. I have such an incredible time taking pictures and editing them that, if I didn’t have bills (hello, student loans!), I would just do it for free.


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Why are you taking pictures?

In 2011 I studied in Lausanne, Switzerland, traveling the Alps, throughout Italy, across Western Europe and venturing into the Norwegian fjords and when I returned stateside I had… nothing to show for it. It was then that I realized when the day is done, the only thing you can take with you from an experience are the photographs. I invested in my incredible Canon sidekick and have been suspending moments in photography ever since.


Now I’m the wandering photographer, traveling from place to place, working as a freelance creative while my partner pursues his hockey career. If I’m not at an ice rink or on an airplane, I’m ready and willing to be your photographer!

While I’ve been taking photography seriously for a very long time, it was only recently that a metaphorical lightening bolt struck me and made me realize that I could transform a passion into a career. Promotional pricing for the onset of business will help me grow my portfolio while getting high quality images into your hands! You help me expand my business, and I help you by saving you some dolla bills.


Find me in North Dakota from time to time, Denver in the summers, and wherever our hockey team is located in-season (for the 2017-2018 season, we’ll be in North Carolina, in the Hurricane’s organization)! If you’re somewhere else, that’s fine too, I like to travel.


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