Fun & Cosplay


Fun is serious business.

Do you have a costume you’ve been working on for ages, but nowhere to display it? Maybe you want to recreate your favorite scene from Star Wars, have you and your partner dress up like knights and elves, or stage an engagement shoot between yourself and In-N-Out Burger? As something of a fanatic myself, I’m more than enthusiastic to get behind cosplay photography, and always happy to stretch myself creatively to capture the dynamism of our interests. Let me know how I can make your vision a reality!





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Promotional Pricing*

Basic Fun & Cosplay session………$130

Fun & Cosplay with outfit change (1) …………….$150


*Promotional Pricing expires Sept 15, 2017.



Rush Delivery Option……………….$25

Phone/Skype Consultation Option*……$15

*Handling consultation over email and text message are free.

Travel Expenses*……………… .49/mile

*travel expenses only apply if the shoot takes place more than 15 miles from “home base” (Denver, CO, Sawyer, ND, Charlotte, NC,  Fort Myers, FL, and future destinations!). You will be informed well in advance before any travel charges apply, and we can certainly always do shoots within “home-base” to avoid those altogether!


An update to the payment policy has been made to all shoots booked after August 19th, 2017. A non-refundable deposit, totaling 50% of the anticipated fee, is due at the time of booking, made payable by cash, check or PayPal. This fee will be applied to the total cost of your overall shoot. The remaining 50% of anticipated fee will be paid at the time of the photoshoot. The deposit method is applicable and mandatory for all family, couples, children, portrait, senior, boudoir, fun, cosplay, and miscellaneous shoots.

This policy deposit is in lieu of the prior 50% cancellation fee, no longer in effect as of August 18th, 2017.

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