Upcoming Projects

Following M.A. research on the world of WAGs (hockey speak for the Wives-and-Girlfriends of professional athletes) in conjunction with All Habs and Rocket Sports Media Piper CJ will be creating, producing and hosting a podcast docuseries on women in the world of men’s professional hockey.

Honest Ice (working title) gives voice to a major cog in the hockey machine: the culture of women in the world of men’s hockey. In this podcast we interview wives and girlfriends of professional hockey players, female fans, women working in media, mothers, sisters and the women on the other side of the glass. Far from glamour and elitism portrayed in shows like W’s Hockey Wives, Honest Ice grants these women a chance to acknowledge the thrills, loyalties and joys that come with professional hockey while discussing stories of loneliness, sacrifice, uncertainty, sexism and struggle. Informants will range from individuals in the respective organizations and cities that myself and my partner find ourselves in, as well as informants attained over the summer as we train with athletes from across the NHL.

Honest Ice (working title) is set to debut in the fall of 2017 with episodes airing once monthly throughout the regular hockey season.



Outreach for collaborators and guests on the show has been met with overwhelming positivity and contribution. Women across the WAGs network have reached out to help with the efforts. We’ll roll out promotional articles on the All Habs Hockey Magazine following interviews as they’re conducted over the summer.

If you are the wife, girlfriend or partner of a professional hockey player, whether current or retired, if you are yourself a woman who plays hockey at the professional or olympic level, the wife or girlfriend of trainers or coaching staff at the professional level, if you are a woman working in men’s hockey, or even female fan who has a story that needs to be heard, please use my contact form!

Stay tuned for regular articles, and don’t hesitate to holler with questions, comments, or helpful suggestions.