Hi, I'm Piper!

here are some FAQs I've been getting!

Q: Is Piper CJ your real name or a pen name?

It's my real name! (I have two middle names, so cj is for my middle initials)

Q: What inspired you to write TNAIM?

I've always loved fantasy, and never saw myself or my own struggles with mental health, identity, or religious trauma represented. The final "puzzle piece" was when I was reading a novel about an assassin and said "That's stupid. she just *is* a great assassin? No one is born naturally talented. I'm going to make an assassin and I'm going to make her cool, I'm going to make her start as a weak sack of flour and discovery her agency.

Q: It's a "bi fantasy series". Are you bi?

Yup! I've been out to my friends for 10+ years, but didn't "come out" to my family until the books were about to be released... since I thought they needed a heads up. It... didn't go great.

Q: You started your own publishing company? Can you do a tutorial? & What's the difference between that and self-publishing?

I did! I'm with Bloom now, but I was intent on self publishing before I found a wonderful publishing family!

Trust me, you don't need a tutorial! just start an LLC so you're protected, register it as a publishing house, get your licensing, file copyright, and boom! You're done... it *did* empty out my savings and max out 2 credit cards to do so.

the benefit is two-fold: as an LLC, if anything bad happens, they can only come for my "book money", not my house or any (meager) savings. plus as a "indie publishing house" booksellers have more confidence in stocking your manuscript than if it's fully self published

Q: Where are you from?

I'm from north dakota! I did my masters in newfoundland, spent a few years in vietnam teaching english, then a year in singapore as a photographer, and now I'm back in the states! since I couldn't travel (due to the global pandemy) I "traveleD" another way: using my imagination (this is where I would insert a gif of spongebob putting the rainbow over his head) and wrote my novels!

Q: "Wrote it in six days"... that's an exaggeration, right? You can't write a book in 6 days.

No, it's not an exaggeration, it's a manic episode -- and yes i do thank my mania in my dedication. however, the final 160k version in your hands is not what I finished in 6 days. I started writing on sept 29th, finished book one on oct 3rd (at the time it was only 100k words). I wrote all 4 concurrently, then went back and edited book one to turn it into what you now hold! still, the entire "book one" (as well as "Draft one" of all 4 novels) process started and finished in under 2 months

Q: Can I send you my manuscript?

sorry bestie, the point of a traditional publisher is that they have resources: they can pay you an advance, marketing, isbn costs, legal teams, cover art, editors, formatters, distributors, etc. I have no resources. I barely keep myself afloat.

Q: Any advice for writers?

I recommend just "vomiting out" your first draft. think of it like a skeleton. don't worry about typos or grammar or word choice, just plot plot plot. Then on your rewrite, go back, organize, choose your words, add the "muscle, the meat, the flesh, the fat" and turn it into a fully formed book baby.

Q: So...that eyeliner...

It's nyx brand liquid white eyeliner and at this point I give them so much pr that I think they owe me some free eyeliner (lol). I do have a tutorial on how I do it, but it's very very easy (it has to be, because I'm lazy)

I never in a million years THOUGHT i'd be giving makeup advice. I have exactly 1 look, and it's this!

Q: Okay you keep referencing your SWer character is "written by a SWer", care to explain?

Yes! I worked my lil butt off in the height of the onlyfans boom, and made enough money to set aside so that I could pay off my credit cards and then live off of it for the 3 months it took to write the books. That way I could just focus on writing and know i could still pay utilities and buy groceries! (You may also recognize from my viral "selling your undies" video).

I just want people to know that when they read nox/the brothel character, i don't glamorize sw, but i can also give it nuance and tact, giving her agency, and empowering her.

I'm also very open about it! I didn't want to live in fear. i don't believe you should live your life with "something to hide". people can't dox you if you're not hiding it in the first place

Q: Will you be writing more after the 4 book series?

Way ahead of you.

novellas will be released between each installment, And the villain prequels (in the same universe) are already finished!

I'm already onto another folklore-heavy series! Call me typey mctyperson. I'm a speed writer.

Q: Are you married? Single? Dating?

no, i am feral, and only dating my book characters at the moment. my plan is to move to a secluded cabin in the woods with excellent wifi, adopt even more scary dogs until i have a warrior pack, write a million more books, dress like a fairytale character, and answer to no one.

Q: What's your favorite food?

I have celiacs disease so I can't eat gluten, but other than that I'm an absolute foodie and will inhale anything, from gluten free burgers/chicken nuggets, to fancy sushi and oysters. my mouth wants all of it. cheese and chocolate will be forever-favorites.

Q: Can we send you mail?


Unfortunately, I no longer have the P.o. Box!

Going to the post office was an extremely high-spoons activity. But I will be doing signings and other things if you're on my mailing list or updates on my ig story!

Q: Will you help me with my personal folklore encounter?

Q: Do you have any pets?

my two beautiful dog daughters, arrow & applesauce! arrow is a 7 year old husky/border collie/misc. mix that I picked up in newfoundland, and applesauce is a 1 year old great PYRENEES/red heeler/misc that I took from a farmer's dirt pit. they're the loves of my life.