Hi, I'm Piper!

Author, folklorist, french fry enthusiast, and wannabe international woman of mystery. Let's see, what do people like to learn in this sort of portal? Where I grew up? North Dakota. My age? Thirty or forty probably. A fun fact about me? I used to do speed runs of Ocarina of Time. What kind of music I listen to? Here's my unhinged spotify, have at it. What was I doing before I was a full time author? Photography and teaching in Vietnam and stuff. Where did the "chaos goblin" fan club get its name? The offspring of Mr. (David Bowie) & Mrs. (Me) Jareth the Goblin King. Where I got my M.A. in folklore? Newfoundland. My dogs' names? Arrow and Applesauce. My hobbies? Being an RPG Gamer (Mass Effect is the way to my heart), a hockey fan, and a hobby linguist.

When I'm not knocking it out of the park with award-winning "About the Author" bios, I'm binging cartoons (I've seen every episode of Rick & Morty a normal, sane amount), making tiktoks about cryptids and fae, rewatching Labyrinth, or writing fantasy very, very quickly.

The best place to hang out with me is my instagram where I overshare my every waking thought, my twitter where I retweet nonsense, my discord where we discuss the books, my tiktok, and oh yeah, I wrote a bunch of books, go read them and stuff.