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Content Creator Services

Content Creator Services

September 15, 2017

I’ll build your website! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve begun building, creating, updating and maintaining websites for an extremely reasonable fee. 100% satisfaction guaranteed in a quarter of the time for half the price of leading website-building competitors. I have experience in both laid-back/fun/personality-driven websites, and professional/corporate website building. Contact Me for a portfolio […]

Voice Over: Commercial!

Voice Over: Commercial!

September 5, 2017

HIGHLIGHTS Piper CJ exudes energy with her sunny, charismatic vocal stylings. Her youthful and engaging sounds bring a conversational, genuine tone to every project, while still conveying knowledgeability and gravity. Her warmth makes Piper the ideal choice for children’s projects, conversational scripts, telephone/IVR prompts, and teaching and learning materials. With a strong educational background, she […]

Get Your Merch at the Meg and Piper Hockey Shop

Get Your Merch at the Meg and Piper Hockey Shop

July 23, 2017

Whether you’ve been a fan of Shut Yer Five Hole from the beginning, are ramping up for the youtube series Empty Netter, or you just like hockey paraphernalia, Meg and Piper’s Hockey Shop is for you! All of our Threadless designs are available in mens, women’s and children’s shirts and apparel, and accessories like notebooks, […]


How’d you get over here? You must be lost. Unless you’re interested in content creation, looking for a photographer, lady-made media, a local artist/hobby painter, seeking someone to guest-host or guest-edit your podcast, nerd culture, hockey blabbing, someone to write for you, tweets about my dog and thoroughly enjoy a good RPG. If so, this may not be the worst site you visit today.

I’m Piper C.J., a self-proclaimed “creative” in the short, and a gamer, folklorist, hockey anthropologist, podcaster, photographer, contract consultant, digital archivist, painter, voice actress, freelance writer, crime-fighter, hiker, dog mom, explorer, hockey fan, globe trotter, run-on sentence enthusiast, gourmet chef, frequent hair dyer and probably some other things that may or may not be true in the long. When you work freelance, it’s common to have a lot of irons in the fire! That, and, I don’t like to be bored.

Stay as long as you want and come back whenever you’d like. Let’s make the interwebs a weirder place together.

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