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Fantasy author, folklorist, photographer, and all-around creative forest nymph! I'm so excited to bring you with me on my journey as I step out of our everyday lives and into the new fantasy world within The Night and Its Moon fantasy series!

News! I'm so proud to announce TNAIM is with Bloom Books!

The existing first edition of TNAIM (the "Super Special First Edition" that made the bestseller list even as a self-published indie book!) will only exist for 2 more months! She's being pulled from the shelves and the revised edition will be released with Bloom's help!

Quick & Dirty about who I am and what I do!

I love stories! With photography I was able to connect with people, capture their joy, & freeze moments in time. It began with a journalistic background in TV News, and graduated to an M.A. in Folklore where I crafted my life toward documentary work, following the tether in my belly that tugged me toward the fantastical. Currently you can find me on the prairies of North Dakota, taking a break from the tropics of SE Asia. I've lived and worked around the world (always finding odd jobs, funding my own path, and maxing out credit cards for the sake of life experience) from the icebergs of Newfoundland to the heat and chaos of Vietnam. I'm so glad I get to do that now through the magic of writing!


Fae & Friends

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