I want to talk about TNAIM with you!

I wrote my novels for an audience of one, and that audience was me. It stands to reason that I'm my books own #1 fan. That beings said, I *love* talking about it with you! Every time I receive a message with an emotional reaction, an excited response, yelling at me for [PLOT REDACTED], it all gives me so much dopamine that it feels like glitter is exploding inside of me!

I have lots of places where we can be fans of The tnaim series together!

The discord is for the "chaos goblins". I hang out & am very active in the "spoilers chat" and we talk about fan theories, lore, and can discuss anything about TNAIM once you've read the book!

(the rest of the discord is safe if you haven't finished TNAIM yet!)

I post book updates on my instagram story every day!

I also answer all of my dms regarding my book, so anyone who's messaged me with their favorite quotes, reactions, or talking about the characters, we chat directly on ig!