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As a comfy crew neck, sweater dress, or do what I do and take a scissors to everything with a collar and make it a slouchy shirt! I own both but am Team Raascot all the way

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promised by the goddess"

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Nox & Amaris Character Scents

The Night and Its Moon is collaborating with incredible, woman-owned, hand-poured small business, Apothecary 19, to give you spectacular character candles! They restock every month!

"Amaris had always smelled like juniper. It was the sweet, lingering scent of the forest and the melting snow that signaled the end of winter." (The Night and Its Moon, Book 1, chapter 3)

"This was Nox’s room, and it radiated her scent. The air was thick with plums and dark spices." (The Night and Its Moon, Book 1, Chapter 19)

Perfume oil & room Spray

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Bestiary Field Notes

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Cool Things are Coming!

- updated character candles

- new shirt designs for folklore

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updates & availability are always posted on my instagram ( @piper_cj )