Chaos Goblins

I was asked what I wanted to call my "Piper Squad". They proposed "Piperettes", but the obvious choice is, of course, chaos goblins.

Why goblins? Jareth the Goblin King was my first love, and now we get to have goblin babies (all of you! It’s the timeline where Sarah didn’t save Toby… but you’re all Toby. I’m not sorry).

Labyrinth is my favorite movie of all time, I’ve seen it no fewer than 400 times, know every word, own at least 7 labyrinth shirts, it was my inspiration to folklore, and foundational in who I am. This is my not-so-subtle nod at fulfilling my lifelong dream of being the Goblin Queen.

If you like me, my books, my TikTok, or learning about folklore, I'd love it if you joined the Chaos Goblins

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Stay Out of Fairy Rings

Good morning, I'm Piper, I have a Masters in Folklore. Today I'm here to protect you from fairy rings.

Some fae trickster is trying to convince you all that fairy rings are lucky or fun or sweet. I don't know why you're falling for it, people! Spread the wisdom, keep vigilante, and stay out of fairy rings.

Comes in two colors: black with white text, or light gray with black text

For more life-saving folklore advice, hang out with my on my TikTok @pipercj

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Merch from The Night and Its Moon: Book One...IYKYK

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Signed Copies of TNAIM

Unfortunately, I had to close down the P.O. Box!

If you weren't able to get your first edition signed, don't worry! I'll have information on my mailing list for when signed copies are made available, as well as events, book tours, and opportunities for signed books!

Make sure you're on my mailing list for things like Pride Month giveaways and book signing days and locations!

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Cool Things are Coming!

- updated character candles

- new shirt designs for folklore

- new shirt designs for TNAIM

- stickers

- Gyrradin map posters hand-aged and signed by author