only for the months of november & december

holiday boxes,

a trial run of folklore consultations

& the return of the "barter system" for book signatures

instructions for sending me your book to sign

1) you must include a prepaid USPS return address label. If you don't include the pre-paid return address label, you won't get your book back

2) I send them in batches so the turnaround time isn't immediate. Dec 31st is final date to get it in the mail for the trade.

3) it's the barter system! send in exchange for whatever you think it's worth. A Starbucks giftcard, a piece of fan art, a crisp $5, your first born child (please don't send me your baby)

check out the holiday boxes

check out the folklore consultations

send to:

Piper CJ

PO Box 101

Sawyer, ND 58781

Arrow has cancer.

I have two dogs, Arrow and Applesauce. They're my entire family and my whole world. The morning of Wednesday, Nov 2nd, I got a call that Arrow, my 7 year old husky/border collie mix, has cancer. I'm using these holiday boxes and merchandise revenue as an opportunity to raise money for her upcoming surgeries and treatments. Her first surgery is November 29th.

If you want to donate directly to Arrow's treatments, surgeries, and recoveries,

Venmo: PiperCJ


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Nox & Amaris Character Candles

The Night and Its Moon is collaborating with incredible, woman-owned, hand-poured small business, Apothecary 19, to give you spectacular character candles! They restock every month!

"Amaris had always smelled like juniper. It was the sweet, lingering scent of the forest and the melting snow that signaled the end of winter." (The Night and Its Moon, Book 1, chapter 3)

"This was Nox’s room, and it radiated her scent. The air was thick with plums and dark spices." (The Night and Its Moon, Book 1, Chapter 19)

get the candles!

Bestiary Field Notes

Get the ag'drurath print

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Cool Things are Coming!

- updated character candles

- new shirt designs for folklore

- new shirt designs for TNAIM

- stickers

- Gyrradin map posters hand-aged and signed by author

updates & availability will come on my instagram ( @piper_cj ) & email newsletters!