Your Photographer, Cheerleader & Confidant

The Boudoir Package

The longest relationship of our lives is with ourselves: it’s so important to heal that relationship and feel comfortable and confident in our own skin.

Boudoir is intimate, sensual photography, showcasing you for all of the things that make you unique, beautiful, sexy, and human. I firmly believe that every woman should be empowered through the artistry of boudoir once in her life, and no one will make you feel more supported and seen than your new best friend Piper.

Don’t worry about “posing sexy” or being “photogenic”: I’ll do every pose with you, walking you through each position, from head to toe to facial expression. All you need to do is arrive with an open heart and we’ll create magic from there!

Boudoir is open to women-identifying clients ages 18 and older.

I Can't wait to work with you