It's been said that "reading is just staring at dead, tattooed trees, and hallucinating."

While I love that anecdote, you'll notice from my novels that sensory language is incredibly important to me. This is why I looked for every possible opportunity to make it an immersive EXPERIENCES, from eating along with the characters, to being filled with the scent of juniper and fresh snow as if you're right there with my main characters, breathing in a cloud of Amaris's silvery hair while you read.

I'm collaborating with APOTHECARY 19

-- small batch, hand-poured candles and woman-owned business --

to bring you the scents of nox & amaris

Get the Candles

eat along with the characters of

The Night & Its Moon

all of the meals with none of the location spoilers

The Orphanage
Oatmeal Porridge
Beef & Onion Stew (witfor my fellow foodies:
eat with your favorite fh Salt, Pepper & Turnips)
Fresh Baked White Rolls

The Mountains
Split Barley
Corn Cakes
Hot Meat Pies
Stewed Apples
Coarse Brown Bread
Honey Muffins

Traveling Food
Wheat Rolls
Hot Rabbit Sandwiches
Hard White Cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano)

Lakeside Meal
Braised Radishes
Whole Roasted Chicken
Hot, Sweet Bread Rolls
Freshly Churned Butter

The Last Supper
White Fish (Cod)
Cheese Platter/Charcuterie Board
Chilled Fruits
Hot Pies (Both Sweet & Savory)
Caramelized Tarts
Wine Samples (White: Buttery Chardonnay & Red: Masseto)

I'd Rather Be Fae

Consider Me Royalty

This is the playlist I created and played on a loop while writing the four-book series for

The Night & Its Moon!

It's a combination of electro-medieval, neo-folk, ballads, sea shanties, and nordic lore!

I hope you like it, and that it helps to enhance your reading experience

This is the playlist I created for the villain prequels (now in the works)

it's empowering music for the villain or monarch in all of us, primarily folk-rock, pop-rock, eerie instrumental, and neo-folk

I hope you enjoy it, and that it helps to enhance your reading experience!

Gallery of Art

If you make art of any of the characters, places, monsters or scenes from The Night and Its Moon, be sure to tag me! I'll feature as many of them (with accreditation to your page) here in the character art gallery!

can't wait to see what we make!

Amaris and the Ag'drurath

by Alice Black

Portrait of Amaris Hanging in Uaimh Reev

by Alice Blake

Portrait of Nox Hanging in The Selkie

by Alice Black

Here are my "Character Cards" or the canon inspiration for the characters in TNAIM: Book One!

all card images sourced from pinterest